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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hello meet ME again, wani :)

Today I want to share my thoughts about friends.
seems special right ? Im sure all of u also got friends either 1,2,3...

Friends are someone who always keep in touch with us whenever we live , study and stay. It is hard to find a good friend, either boy or girl, since we also not good enough for them. Yeah, nobody is perfect right ? Old folks always said, find a good friend, so you will be good too. Actually Im not agree with this thought. Our attitude not only depends on our friends' attitude. but its also related to ourself. Like my sister always said, "pokok pangkalnya diri sendiri". 

Friends will be our ears to listen for our problems either good or bad news. So, everytime we have problem, if we feel the problems too heavy or its a burden to us, we should stories with them so maybe they can help us. In this life, it is not possible if we have been here about someone that cannot live without friends. It doesnt means they would die, but it means they dont have any supports from someone that called 'friend'.
This problem can happen from our mistakes / their mistakes.
So,please take care of your friends' feelings even they do not show their true feelings. Dont make this friendship break just like that. Just as easy as ABC.


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