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Friday, June 7, 2013

More tough

hye worlds, hye friends.
my days become more tough from day to day. 
feeling tired and all sorts of feelings like anger, sadness, and stress already become my habits.
several months earlier has become a bit tough moment for me as I have to go through all those shits thingy that made me sucks and of course bothersome. I tried to face all those bullshit that bombarded me.
But WHO I AM ? Im still a human that always weak and easily give up whenever im being tested. 

I know that i shouldnt being such a loser person. every person was given several chance to change.
change from bad to good. change from a loser to a winner. change from being so annoying to more pleasing.
And thats why I always told myself. "No one can change you until you change youself  ." Yes, you may said that chance can come to you anytime. but is it means that you can just ignore the chance, stayed like a beggar who expect something that is not sure yet he can get or not. Of course you need to do something.

Well, I hope im still not too late to change myself. my journey still long. SPM is just around the corner. And Im not prepare anything. NOTHING. Im used to procastinate my works until I got mad with my teachers.
Guys, pray for me. pray that i can change this ME. 

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