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Monday, January 20, 2014

That Moments

i think all of u have your own moments right?
so do i, moments that i cant forget forever and ever.

knowing her is the most beautiful moment that i have.
 and i feel  grateful about that. shes the type of girl 
who loves to talk about nonsense things,in her own way.
but afifah never give up on  giving me support,though she always 
asks me some advice related to his bf. haha 
she shouldnt asks me ok since that i dont have  any experience 
 on such relationship but instead  she still  trusts me all the way.
I Love You Afifah. eternally. *im not lesbian ok.haha

DORM 15/2012.
i got my lovely dorm mates since i entered this so-called new school.
affiena, dayah,aini,azie,ieka,iera,mas,and finally me. knowing them 
change me-a more cheerful person that can smile as big as i can :), 
more matured-can choose what i want and what the bests for me.
we shares some stuff together,just like one family. 
sharing our problems and 
the most important is GOSSIPS. haha thats compulsory ok.

oyeahh. this is my class name.pretty famous and cool  right? haha
but not the people in that class.haha *evil laugh.-only certain person
 would understand this.oh btw i got one twin(man)-
they said we got same face and same smile. THEY SAID. 
but im not too close with him since im not that type 'peramah' like the others.
knowing all of them is such a great moment that ill never forget my life. 
different demanours in that class just completed us
 though not as much as the other class.
i will not forget them especially those jalangs girls and jalangs boy.haha

DORM 41/2013.
new dormmates.
zura,nadh,ummi,fiqa,tika,nina and finally me.
zura,the most stunning,flawless & famous in this dorm & also in that school.
i envy her since she got 'sepet' eyes and white skin.haha. 
nadh is the most cheerful and 'slumber' type when she talks to senior 
like us(me & zura & the others). she fat and lazy person you know,
haha but i love her since she brings happiness in our dorm.
 i hope she becomes skinny soon.
 ummi such a kind junior and shes nadh bff. 
tika the young girl in my dorm-pretty,smart,sooo kind. 
fiqa-f4 shes from my former school ok and then got same dorm with me.
nina-f3 shes brilliant even she got involved in many problems and she got 8As in PMR. congrats girl. i hope you could become a better person in future ok. 

you know what, in that so-called prison, friends are just like my family. 
they always there for me when i in big problems-bombarded with all shit things & words 
like bullets that being throw out from certain persons  that dislike me, 
unsatisfied with me,pointing fault towards me. 
im so grateful to have them in my life. knowing them is such a great gifts
 that ALLAH had give to me in my life.

Just like the song "cause all of me love all of you"

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