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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


its been a long time since my last post. 
so, in this current post i would like to share some thoughts to all of you my beloved readers
 ( if ada lah hahaha).... regarding to that post title i bet all of you have your own problems right?
 or even we can call it as tests from GOD. yes, people never escape from having problems.
so actually whats my points here? 
not trying to make a fuss about it nor try to mess up your thinking.
my intention is just to give some warm words or advice to you dear readers.
we all often have thoughts like only us faced such a great & heavy tests whereas 
there are still people out there experience more challenging life than us. 
Never give up on God's mercy & keep struggle in your life so that you can live your life happily.
so that you can have things by your own and you change your life better than before. 
Try to create or reading some positive vibes as one of the way to calm 
yourself whenever you facing problems ----no matter what kind of sources 
they come from as long as they can help lighten your burden.
you also can seek advice from a counselor and consider their point of view. 
More crucial is sharing your burden with someone else that you can put your trusts on him/ her.
This as well can help you lighten your burden & ease up your mind for seconds.
 ( in case something that you can share the problems to others)
Do not push yourself too much or else you will be in the list of suicidal cases.
Or you might be end up in mental hospital.
Till then, assalamualaikum.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Matrikulasi dan seangkatannya

hai and hello people !! missing me right? yaa i know that most of you must be in sorrow since im not make a comeback and write a new post ( hahahahahaha perasan tahap tera giga mega ni )... ya i realized this blog seems to be inhabited by a spider or even you can call it as 'berhabuk'.  actually im just finished my studies in KOLEJ MATRIKULASI MELAKA (KMM) and for your information i took science courses which is modul 1 that comprising of biologiy chemistry, physics and mathematics. if you want me to describe about the exam, maybe i should say that it is such a nightmare and a  disaster for me. for me but not for others i guess hahahaha.. well, nevermind since im already gone through the phase and the challenges so nothing to regret but i will let everything to ALLAH.
so to all adiks adiks lepasan spm out there, im sure that matriculation would be one of the choices that you made to further your studies other than foundation, diploma or even stpm. basically students who get matriculation offer would not get stpm offer and vice versa. maybe one of you would get more than one offer to futher your studies. for instance, you get a matriculation and foundation offer, so which one is the best choice for you? so, in this case back to yourself, which roads that you think will lead you to what you want to be in future (your ambition). 

basically some factors would affect your mind in making the right decision. first, duration of studies (time). as we know, diploma will took a long time to finish the course but after you already finished, you will easily get a job because the certificate of diploma is valid for you to find a job. differents with matriculation and foundation, both of them tooks only a short time for you to finish the studies but the certificate for both do not valid for you to find a job. so think wisely. so, between foundation and matriculation which one is the best choice? some people out there said that if you not survive enough ( get low pointer) in matriculation, you will get 'course lelong' which means course that not in your list. i bet some of you want to be a teacher, a doctor, a pharmacist,an engineer,a lawyer or even a prime minister? who knows right? so,maybe you might not get these courses since your pointer or muet results does not fit with the stated condition. and for foundation, some people said that foundation is much harder than matriculation or others, but for me all of them have their own difficultness. by the way, nothing is easy in this world right?
benda dalam paling susah dalam hidup adalah apbila kita harus membuat pilihan dalam segala hal sekalipun bukan sahaja dalam pelajaran. same goes to me. i already and even still experience that hardship. lepasni nak kena fikir pasal ijazah pulak. lepasni la sebetul betulnya jalan yang akan menentukan apa yang akan kita jadi nanti. after this im going to medsi exam for education courses. so wish me best of luck guys. and lastly, again to my lil sisters and brothers out there yg still confused nak ambik course mana, please think wisely ok, make sure you dont feel regret after you make the decision :)
till now, assalamualaikum and bye!

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